Shine Ok

(Hye Sun Ok)



 25 June 1979 Seoul  South Korea


Korea National University Of Art, Seoul South Korea


Oct 2011

SWG 6th “Faces in a Rainbow” Realism Portrait, Canberra

15th April ~ 22nd April 2011

U in the History, Cross Bay Gallery, NSW

27th Nov ~ 11th Dec 2010

Salon Christmas, A Collector’s Choice Exhibition at Artsite Gallery, NSW

 11th Sep 2010

SWG 5th “Faces in a Rainbow” Realism Portrait, Michelle and Hopkins, NSW

 29th Nov 2008

SWG 3rd “Only you and me” Strickland House, NSW

 26th April ~3rd May 2008

SWG 2nd “Heaven and I”, Michelle and Hopkins, NSW

 15 Dec 2007

SWG 1th “Don’t Leave Your Sequins On The Shelf “, Camperdown, Shine’s yard, NSW

 1 Dec 2003

Gallery Artists Group Exhibition, Gallery 105, Seoul, South Korea


The TGA Group Exhibition, The Museum of Illustration, Seoul South Korea