I found this rock as a symbol for Esther. The owner of this Rock found this rock

when he was young. At that time, the rock was sitting the rice paddy.

The previous owner of the rock asked him to take the rock. He wanted to bring the

rock to his place but the rock was too heavy and too big to move.

But when the right time came, the opportunity to move this rock also came.

But the rock was still too heavy to be moved. The rock weighed 104 tonnes,

so the process of transporting the rock was extremely difficult because of how heavy

it was. Transporting the rock was impossible. But when he prayed he was inspired

to use a larger vehicle to move this rock. His inspiration was – if you want to do

great work,  you need to be bold. I will be with you so please do it. And so using

larger trailer and vehicle, he was able to successfully move the rock to his place.

After he had moved it, he reaslied that even if God has a will for something, we need

to wait until the right time and we need to take action for that will to be fulfilled.

This Rock is Esther’s rock





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